About – JZTrees

Open source Toolkit for Houdini designed to make vegetation generation and FX simpler

To support the continued development and ease my wife’s pain, of me talking constantly about trees. Please Donate above.

JZTREES is a set of tools for SideFX Houdini designed to ease the workflow for generating and applying FX to trees and vegetation.

Staring this project around the middle of 2020, JZTrees started off as a small tool designed to model trees in houdini. Quickly It grew to a target of handling much more then just modelling. JZTrees is capable of powerful procedural modelling of vegetation and trees, as well as easing the pain of animating and simulation trees and vegetation. Utilising its powerful KineFX framework we are able to art direct procedural wind and growing animation, aswell as Wire and Bullet simulation to simulate a interactive tree.

Overtime I plan to build more tools and features to improve the toolkit. This project has been a passion project of mine for a long time now. It is free to download and use. If you enjoy using JZTrees please donate here to support its continued development.